Every year I say a lot of things are going to happen in the new year. I’m going to exercise more, eat less, write more, learn about writing less… Anyway every year I say I’m going to be ready for Christmas way before the holiday season is staring me in the face but…. unfortunately this wasn’t the year that happened.

I found myself at the mall/boutique/misc stores with all the other “You mean Christmas is THIS Tuesday” people. It wasn’t fun and I took in the rushing uncomfortable day with grains of salt because whose fault is this? Mine.

I intended to do the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Contest – this would have been my first week, but I couldn’t come up with anything for the picture they chose. I could have written a good little story for all the other pictures…well maybe not the one with the girl with the guys fingers in her mouth. She looked to young and I couldn’t come up with anything for that picture either. There is always next week…right? If you get a chance and like a quick hot read go and check out the contest. Maybe even submit today.

The last thing I intended to do was to be a part of the 6 sentence Sunday. I think I was too late to do it with a group but I can submit my six sentences here…on my blog. So here we go. From recently completed work – Rumor Has It

     “Is it true that you bring every woman you’re with to completion.”

     “Completion?” He was still reading. Hopefully she could get this all out before she got the attention that came with the focused forest green eyes.

      “Yes…completion…orgasm…whatever. Is it true?” There went her calm tone she knew she should have skipped the coffee and had the green tea instead.

     He still appeared to be into the article but there was something in his demeanor that made her think he was paying more attention to what she was saying.

    “Why do you ask?”He was still looking at the magazine but now he was flipping pages. He seemed to be looking at no specific item just absently turning pages.

    “I told you I heard a rumor.”

Well at least I did something I intended to do today. Now on to wrapping those gifts 🙂


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