Attack of the SNI – Send Help!

Wow! It’s now the beginning of February and I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have put up a post, but I’ve had a problem. I’ve been attacked by SNI’s. Those are Shiny New Ideas and they are not helping my focus.

I’m editing my Christmas Novella called A Haught Date. This story is one of three about brothers (Alex, Beau and Camden) who run a sports bar called The Haught Spot. This is Camden’s story.

I’m trying to find a way to change the beginning of a WIP that is pretty much done but have to edit after I figure out how to switch it.

WIP – Writing a story about a millionaire who has to get married by his 30th birthday. Then when I was working on the Sinful Sunday flash fiction a transgendered female story took root.

I think I will do my editing but jot down my fabulous idea so when I get to it I don’t forget what was so great about it.  Hey…thanks for the help I love talking to you 🙂



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