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Good News Tuesday

So I had plans to submit my novella A Haught Date to Carina Press for their holiday call for submissions, but Loose ID had a 3 sentence pitch contest on FaceBook. I was selected to submit my partial MS and then they asked for the full. This was my first full request *happy dance* I’m pretty new to this whole thing. I have 3 books finished A Wish Granted, A Haught Date and Rumor Has It. These books are all independent although A Haught Date and Rumor Has It  are stories in different series.

Anyhoo… there is a possibility they want me to go through revisions and I am super happy about that. I’m not sure about me and novellas my  finished total was 34,998 and the max allowed by Carina Press for this call was 35000. Maybe I just picked the wrong story for a novella it was too much story for that I think. I am so super excited about the possibility being published by Loose ID since I read their books al the time.

So this is my second book I’ve submitted and the editor who responded to my email was so helpful about what she did like and what didn’t work with my story. I truly appreciated that part of it. I have gotten the thank you but no letters for my first book and they can be so frustrating. There is no telling why your book wasn’t liked it just didn’t fit in with what they were doing now. That’s not saying anything about how I could do better next time. I do understand that there are people who want to argue and fight and question why their book wasn’t chosen but there are some of us who respect the decision that was made but would like to know what they didn’t like so they can fix it the next time.

So I will report what happens next with the revisions. I’m not totally sure how that works but I’m ready for whatever 🙂 Happy writing.


There is no reason for this picture. I just like it Happy Tuesday.



I can’t stand “You People” – a small rant

I can’t stand you people. Well at least that phrase is one I can’t stand. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s not just the words but the feelings beneath it. I know  if people really thought about what they were saying when they uttered those words they would take a minute and think about it… at least I hope they would.

When you think..You people or Those People, what comes to mind? Blacks, Gays, Arabs, drug addicts, alcoholics, Democrats, Republicans…. the list goes on and on and is personalized for every individual. Whoever your “those people” are for you look at your spirit and ask yourself why? Why what?

Why do you think those people are so different from you?

It’s so easy to discount people, their values, customs,  lifestyles when you distance yourself from them. I worked as a supervisor at a drug rehabilitation center and some of the nurses had a problem with people who were addicted to drugs. What were they doing working there? I have no idea, but there was some animosity. Why couldn’t they get their lives together why are still on drugs? I’m not advocating drug usage or giving excuses but when I talked to the nurses most of whom I knew were on diets and had been for years I asked a question. How many times have you started a diet in the morning and had a cupcake in your mouth by noon. Is it the same thing? Well one is illegal and the other one isn’t but they are both about self-control.

There have been several times I’ve heard someone ask another person who is different from them in some way “What do ____ people feel about …?”  How can one person possibly answer the question about everyone in their population. If you ask questions like this, think about it. How would one person be able to answer a question like that, and how small-minded a person would be to think that they should be able to?

The constitution starts off with “We the people…” and although they didn’t really mean all genders, nationalities, etc. when it was written, it’s a good way to think. So next time you have an inkling to think about those people think about how you’re the same instead of how you’re different. This was my small rant and I’m glad I put it out there. We’re all just everyday people trying to make it, let’s try to understand how others live even if we don’t agree. There is nothing wrong with asking questions but run the question through your head first. How would you feel if someone asked the same question of you? Ask unto others… the way you’d like it asked unto you. Ok so that last sentence was modified a bit for this post, but you get the point 🙂  Happy Writing.


I have two different stories out with 2 different publishers.

* Lyrical Press Publishing did a pitch contest a few weeks ago and I send in my recently changed first person changed to 3rd person partial MS. That contest allowed me to get my work right in front of the main editor. She sent me an email saying she was backed up and it would be about a month before I heard from her.  That’s not too bad of a time frame but that doesn’t stop me from looking at my email to check if and request for more is in there.

*Loose Id held a Three Sentence Thursday a few weeks ago and they liked my pitch so they asked me to send in a partial and of course I did. A few days later I was asked to send in the full MS. I can’t tell you how happy I was. I think that is the first time I’ve ever gotten a request for a full MS.


This is only my 4th  time sending out an MS and this is my first send out with this story. I’ve only ever sent out A Wish Granted twice in first person and this time in third, but the +anticipation of waiting isn’t as sweet as Heinz Ketchup makes it out to be. I will say the best thing I have found to help with the pain of waiting is….wait for it…. More writing 🙂  I have been busy with the next book in the series Haught Pursuit.

True Goode is a sassy, feisty character that is so fun to write.  She was given up for adoption at birth and raised next door to the Haught Family and has loved Alec for as long as she can remember, and she’s tired of waiting.  Alec Haught is so wonderfully her opposite. He’ a cynical, observant, hard ass with a soft center (doesn’t soft center always sound like you’re describing candy?) who is afraid of loving too hard. His mother died in childbirth and his father died a few months after her from a broken heart. That’s not happening for him if he can help it, but what he doesn’t know is the one woman he’s always considered the greatest threat to his heart is after in a Haught Pursuit.