Good News Tuesday

So I had plans to submit my novella A Haught Date to Carina Press for their holiday call for submissions, but Loose ID had a 3 sentence pitch contest on FaceBook. I was selected to submit my partial MS and then they asked for the full. This was my first full request *happy dance* I’m pretty new to this whole thing. I have 3 books finished A Wish Granted, A Haught Date and Rumor Has It. These books are all independent although A Haught Date and Rumor Has It  are stories in different series.

Anyhoo… there is a possibility they want me to go through revisions and I am super happy about that. I’m not sure about me and novellas my  finished total was 34,998 and the max allowed by Carina Press for this call was 35000. Maybe I just picked the wrong story for a novella it was too much story for that I think. I am so super excited about the possibility being published by Loose ID since I read their books al the time.

So this is my second book I’ve submitted and the editor who responded to my email was so helpful about what she did like and what didn’t work with my story. I truly appreciated that part of it. I have gotten the thank you but no letters for my first book and they can be so frustrating. There is no telling why your book wasn’t liked it just didn’t fit in with what they were doing now. That’s not saying anything about how I could do better next time. I do understand that there are people who want to argue and fight and question why their book wasn’t chosen but there are some of us who respect the decision that was made but would like to know what they didn’t like so they can fix it the next time.

So I will report what happens next with the revisions. I’m not totally sure how that works but I’m ready for whatever 🙂 Happy writing.


There is no reason for this picture. I just like it Happy Tuesday.



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