Things I didn’t notice before I was published

It’s almost been a week since my debut book A Haught Date  released. There are a few things that I’ve noticed now that I’m published and real people are reading the words from my head.

*First – I never noticed the Amazon Bestseller Rating system that is available for every book sold by Amazon…until now. This new discovery makes me feel like  a hungry hawk tracking its prey as I watch the numbers get smaller or….*gulp*…bigger.

*Second – the reviews I couldn’t wait to receive cause me to hold my breath until I get the gist of what the reviewer is trying to say. I’ve gotten three reviews so far and they’ve all be pretty positive. That doesn’t stop the – dun dun dun…that I hear when I see that I’ve gotten a new review. It’s exhilarating though so keep them coming.

*Third – listening to a few reviews and some comments tossed my way it seems there is  a wide-spread thought that the next Haught to get their story told will be Alec, but…ummm….it’s going to be Beau’s story that comes out next. So I hope that is a build up for Alec as you will be getting to know him a little more during the next story. The honest truth is….don’t tell anyone, but Alec is my favorite. He’s smart, witty, sarcastic and damaged…you’ve got to love that. Here is what I picture him to look like –


All in all…it’s been a wonderful start to my career as an author and it’s made me work to get my second one cleaned up and ready for submission. Now that I know how this thing works (somewhat) I’m getting ready for the next time, but for now I hope everyone enjoys Gemmi and Camden’s story.

LLD_A Haught Date_coverlgAvailable Now


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