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Haught and Bothered

It’s always fun when I get started on a new book. This one has been outlined and all the problems have solutions. The fun part is the journey to get to each spot. My BIL asked once how I figured out what everyone was going to say and before that I’d never really thought about it. The words and the dialog just flows…it must be a writer thing.

Everything you thought you knew about Beau is the truth he’s a beautiful man, who has strings of beautiful woman on his arm (that can differ from day to day) and he’s a fun loving playboy. But is he?


Seren Durr – Sister of Gray, Rye and Taye Durr of Durr-Taye Construction is an organizational whiz who has always been in love with her brother Rye’s best friend Beau. This year she is going to shed her shy persona, get a date coach from the expensive and exclusive HoneyDo Dating Center and learn ways to dazzle Beau into noticing her. She has saved up the money and is now  ready to put in the work that needs to be done until she meets her date coach who is also the reason she’s going through this in the first place – Beau Haught


A Haught little snippet

Here is a little snippet from A Haught Date – Now available

LLD_A Haught Date_covertn
“Are you following me?” she asked, then cursed her flippant tongue. He could be waiting to use the bathroom, or maybe he was waiting for someone to come out of the other bathroom.

The way he studied her made her want to preen and flutter her eyes—it was official; she had learned nothing about staying away from beautiful men. Gemmi stood in front of him now, taking in the line of admirers that littered the wall on both sides. Hot men made her stupid; she needed a T-shirt or at the very least a button stating that fact. He bent his head and leaned closer to her, and she took that last step.

“Yes.” His voice was deep and seductive, like audible chocolate, and her mouth watered for a taste. A shiver of awareness snaked down her spine. She peered up into bright sterling-silver eyes lined with a dark steel ring and almost forgot what she had asked.

“Why? Did you want something?” Gemmi knew it sounded like she was flirting, but there was a good reason for that—she was. His left eyebrow arched, making him appear surprised or maybe intrigued.

“There is something I’d like,” he said, and she wished that something was her.

“Wait. Did all these women follow you back here?” Gemmi watched him observe his surroundings and shadowed his line of vision. Women smiled and waved at him. When he looked back at her, he had the decency to appear chagrined. She bit back a groan. She was not going to like this guy. No. Not going to happen.

“I’m not sure. I was trying to track you down,” he said. He looked earnest, but he could just be good at duping people. She yearned to figure out what was going on, but then his quick smile broke out, and her stupid little heart started pounding hard.

“You’re like the Pied Piper of women.”

“Well, maybe you’d like to do a good deed for the day and save me.” This rugged man didn’t appear to need saving. He looked like he could save them all with his eyes closed.

“That’s not how the story goes.”

“You can always change the story,” he said.

She’d wanted spontaneous good times and fun, and here it was, wrapped up in one super sexy package. The sudden irresistible urge to do something totally out of character seemed to come out of nowhere. It was true she had wanted this man since she saw him, although she couldn’t believe he had actually followed and waited for her. Could she save him from these women in the hall? Unlikely. Did she want to? Hell yes.

LLD_A Haught Date_banner

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It’s Raining Reviews – Aannnddd they’re good ones :)

Getting a new review is like getting a present. You’re all excited about it. Hoping it’s good. Hoping the words that came out of your head and the characters you’ve grown to know and love are loved (at least liked and understood) by others. I’ve had two reviews this week and I was over the moon when I read them. The fact that someone would read my stories is amazing. That they took the time to tell what they thought is awesome.


Harelquin Junkie 

This is one steamy book. The sex scenes are scorchers and the sexual tension is off the charts. Gemmi and Camden are perfect for each other both in and out of the bedroom. Whew, Ms. Dahlin certainly knows how to write tantalizing sex scenes. However, I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if there was a little more story and a little less sex.

I really liked Camden and his two brothers. I found them to be truly earnest individuals that care about each other, which seems so rare these days. All three are sensitive in their own unique way. I am looking forward to Ms. Dahlin’s next book in the series. Will it be about Alec or Beau Haught?

Read the rest of her summary Here



While the fake boyfriend/girlfriend scenario is a popular and widely used plot device in romance, up and coming author Leela Lou Dahlin adds a nice touch of surprise that showcases the very best character traits that her hero and heroine possess. It’s these little unexpected surprises that lure the reader ever deeper into this quirky tale that mixes heartache with feelings of unworthiness and has both Camden and Gemmi releasing their hearts from protective custody and freeing themselves to strive for something more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this couple’s story and avidly look forward to Ms. Dahlin’s promise of more hot, Haught tales when she releases stories for Cam’s brothers Alec and Beau.

Read the rest of Carole’s review and summary Here


I’m pleased as punch that Gemmi and Camden are being so well received. Beau Haught and Seren Durr are on their way 🙂

Meet the Authors, Post 1

So I joined up with a little more than a dozen AWESOME authors (a couple I’ve read again and again so I’m trying not to go straight to fangirl) Check out the new group with the very true title- Nice Girls Writing Naughty.

Nice Girls Writing Naughty


If you’ve found your way here, you’re a reader. Probably of erotic romance. We’re writers of the same, but we are readers too. There’s nothing we love more than to talk spicy plots, sexy games, and hungry heroes.  We hope this is a place where you feel comfortable doing that too!

So here’s a little about some of us to get the conversation rolling! Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us your favorite things to read about, and follow the blog for notifications of lots of upcoming fun stuff, including:

Our Independence Celebration Scavenger Hunt!

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July 5th, 2014


Jianne Carlo, erotic romance

Award-winning author Jianne Carlo’s motto is simple: Alpha Me Please. While strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are her forte, she goes weak in the knees for warriors and alphas. Send her a man with an attitude, and she’ll find the right woman to tame him. Jianne…

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