Haught and Bothered

It’s always fun when I get started on a new book. This one has been outlined and all the problems have solutions. The fun part is the journey to get to each spot. My BIL asked once how I figured out what everyone was going to say and before that I’d never really thought about it. The words and the dialog just flows…it must be a writer thing.

Everything you thought you knew about Beau is the truth he’s a beautiful man, who has strings of beautiful woman on his arm (that can differ from day to day) and he’s a fun loving playboy. But is he?


Seren Durr – Sister of Gray, Rye and Taye Durr of Durr-Taye Construction is an organizational whiz who has always been in love with her brother Rye’s best friend Beau. This year she is going to shed her shy persona, get a date coach from the expensive and exclusive HoneyDo Dating Center and learn ways to dazzle Beau into noticing her. She has saved up the money and is now  ready to put in the work that needs to be done until she meets her date coach who is also the reason she’s going through this in the first place – Beau Haught


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