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Eye candy, scavenger hunts and prizes…Oh my

West Gunnar

Weston Gunnar

I’m glad you stopped by to check out my teacher’s pet Weston Gunnar.  His studly hotness hasn’t been a teacher’s pet for a long while but he may be able to make a few teacher’s purr.


Thanks for the introduction Leela. Although, she can barely  distinguish the difference between myself and my, down to the matching dimple, twin Smith, I’m happy to do her a favor and answer a few questions about my school years. So here we go…

When I graduated high school I was voted the most likely to…?

I was in two conflicting categories. The first was most likely to succeed and the other was most likely to serve time in jail.

I spent my prom night…?

Comforting my brother’s best friend and our next door neighbor Sunshine LaShay.  Seeing her out with some other guy made me crazy. I said a few things that seemed to hurt her feelings–I think I spent my entire school years pissing her off, but then I switched places with my brother and she and I  spent the after prom on the roof. Too bad she’ll never know that was me and not Smith.

Growing up I wanted to be…?

Exactly what I am now…the co owner of Double Pumped Gym and Spa. We have the most comprehensive body sculpting and spirit relaxing facility in the Tri State area.

On Friday nights you’d have found me….

On the football field with my brother having the time of our lives. Then you’d have found me hanging around my brother just to spend some time with the girl who owned the heart I swore no woman would touch.

In college my crush was…?

I want to say that I never had a crush, but if I were going to be honest my college crush is the same as my high school and elementary school crush–Sunshine LaShay. Ummm…don’t repeat that.

Okay…our lips are sealed. Thanks for answering a few questions for us and we look forward to reading all about your Valentine’s Day Twins Switch in Double Trouble.

This awesome idea for the scavenger hunt is the brain child of Dakota Trace one of the wonderful authors of Nice Girls Writing Naughty. Gather up all the names of the pets on each of our pages and then add them to the rafflecopter on the main page. Click HERE or on the events banner below. You can also enter to win a Kindle copy of either of my books A Haught Date or a copy of my newest eBook Rumor Has it  that is due to be sent to you on my release date 10/28/2014. Just read the blurbs below and tell me which one you’d like and what’s your favorite romance trope in the comments.


Rumor Has it — Loose Id Release Date 10/28/2014

Raina Gibson – an event organizer who’s planned a family of her own ever since her mother passed away. The idea was to be married by age twenty-six, and two children by thirty. She’d had everything in place, but one thing kept getting in her way…Her best friend Liam Prescott. She’s attracted to his sexy confidence and intrigued by his daring spontaneity. Rumor has it this committed bachelor is phenomenal between the sheets and since she’s never known anything but ordinary she figured that had to be the draw. She determined to get him out of her system and get herself back on track.

Liam’s a Lieutenant Fire Chief who’s never forgotten what it feels like to have the most important woman walk away without looking back, but there’s just something about Raina that makes him want to keep her close and protect her. When Raina propositions him he’s torn. They’re thrown together to complete the Annual Fire Ball and the more he has her the more he wants. He has to decide if he should keep the fire between them burning or hose down these new behaviors and go back to what’s always worked for him.


A Haught Date  – Loose Id 04/15/2014

Gemmi Brooks was humiliated at the last family reunion when her boyfriend was found in bed with her cousin. With her self-esteem shaken, and to offset the pity party her family has been throwing in her honor, she invented the love of her life. Now the gig is up and she needs to find the boyfriend she’s told her family she’s been dating for the last 5 months.

Camden Haught, the sexy bachelor and bartender/owner of The Haught Spot, is always willing to help a woman in distress, so when the local heartthrob offers himself up to play the role as her boyfriend he can’t understand why she’s so resistant. As he tries to convince her he’s the right one for the position he finds himself wanting more.

Both of them have reasons to keep their emotions and this farce of a relationship under wraps, but as this pretend relationship turns to real passion there’s a decision that has to be made. Should they take the risk to make this real or keep it as A Haught Date?

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