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Funny how time flies…

When you’re having fun? Well I guess I’ve been doing a bit of that but I can’t believe that is it almost April (my birthday month) and I’ve not even touched this blog in that long of a time.

There have been things happening in my writing world…like I plan to come out with an indie title within the next month or two. I’ve got the story lined up and just getting the rest of the stuff to fall into place. I’m also getting ready to submit the next Haught Brother’s story (no comments on how long that took). Just a little taste of how I see this book going…


Thank you to all the people who are still hanging in there with me. This month coming up I plan on doing the A to Z challenge that should get me blogging a bit more and hopefully hearing more of what you guys have to say. This is a bit scary for me …this commitment I’ve taken on and coming out with an independently published book, but I will prevail (little dramatic but I’m practicing).

So let me hear from you…What have you done in the past that seemed scary before you did it but you forged ahead and did it anyway?