“A” is for….Attraction

Hello all you happy, sexy people,

This is the first day of the A to Z challenge and I’ve gone through the alphabet and attempted to find a few things to talk about that would match up to the letter. I saw that a lot of people are doing themes and I have one as well…it’s called random as all hell. Has a certain ring and charm to it right?

So the letter for the day is attraction. Attraction is such an odd thing because there are so many pieces involved. For my purpose today, I’m talking about sexual attraction. Is it the way someone looks, smells, sounds (if you get to the way they taste you’ve gone past attraction and that will be for another day). There are people who look physically but still don’t really do it for me and then there are others who aren’t physically attractive to me but I find them sexy in some way. There are those who may say that they don’t choose based on physical appearance but if not then what draws your notice from across the room? You can’t see his or her personality from there, but I guess you could pick up something.

I’m attracted to a nice smile, a full laugh, confidence, clean appearance (I say appearance because I’ve seen people who appear clean but don’t smell the freshest), appealing aroma. Only some of these things can be witnessed across the room.

So, you notice someone from across the room and you are attracted…what drew you in?

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