“F” is for…Finding Ideas

I love the letter ‘F’. It’s wonderful because of flirting, frolicking, fondle, finesse, fiery, first, filthy, flagrant, fragrance and another f word that I’m pretty fond of…but I won’t mention it.

Did I pick the letter ‘f’ to talk about any of the aforementioned words? No, because today I want to talk about finding ideas. People ask me all the time how I come up with ideas and truthfully they can come from anywhere. I’ve gotten snippets of conversations while I was at the grocery store, or standing behind an attractive man at Starbucks while he argues passionately with someone on the other end of the line. The telephone conversations are always fun just because you have to guess what the other person is saying.

I used a little of that fun with a one-sided conversation Camden was having with the woman who had set Gemmi up on a date:


The following excerpt is for those readers who are 18 and over only.

Copyright © Leela Lou Dahlin, 2014

All Rights Reserved, Loose Id, Inc.

He opened his mouth to say something, but his phone rang, and he pulled it out of his pocket. Taking a deep breath and releasing a loud sigh, he glanced over at her before he answered the call.

“Hey there,” he said in that deep timbre of his.

Gemmi tried hard not to be jealous. She’d just met the guy, and she had no thoughts of taking this any further than they had. As a matter of fact, this had gone a lot further than she’d expected. He watched her as he spoke to the person on the other end of the line, like he wanted to see her reaction. She was determined not to give him one. She put on her clothes, washed her hands, and worked on making herself appear like she hadn’t just given him a blowjob in the bathroom of the Blue Lagoon. Oh God. What had she done?

He listened to the person on the other side of the line and couldn’t seem to get a word in edgewise. “Of course… I didn’t… I’d never… Always,” he said, sounding like he was speaking in code. He probably had a girlfriend and was cheating on her with some random floozy he’d met in a bar—wait, she wasn’t a floozy. He was.

He continued talking, all the while studying Gemmi. “We’re together now. I didn’t stand her up. You told me seven thirty… I’m not getting into that right now… I knew who she was as soon as I saw her,” he said, walking over to Gemmi and handing her the phone. “It’s for you,” he said with a strange smile.

She took the phone, and the few butterflies that had started fluttering in her stomach when his phone rang grew to a massive swarm. “Hello?” she said, but she knew whose voice she would hear before the person on the other side said a word.

“Oh, Gemmi. Who knew you were such a kidder?” True laughed like Gemmi had played a fabulous trick on her. “I knew Camden wouldn’t stand you up. He’s the most dependable guy I know. If he says he’s going to be there, he’s there, but it appears I gave him the wrong time. You know how I am about time. All right, honey, I won’t keep you. I’ll talk to you later. Call me when you get home.”

The call disconnected, and she was left staring at the high-tech phone. The unbelievable guy standing beside her was the man True had thought would be not too charming or too good-looking. The vision of male perfection came over and took his phone out of her hand as she attempted to make sense of this situation.

She glanced back at the man whose cock she’d just held in her hand and loved with her mouth. Her walk on the wild side with a nameless good-looking stranger hadn’t been that anonymous after all. “Are you trying to tell me…?”

He stuck out his hand as if to introduce himself. “Hello, Gemmi. My name is Camden, and I was sent to meet you by our mutual friend, True.”

She shouldn’t be upset. He’d tried to tell her something several times, but she hadn’t wanted to hear it. She’d asked for a nice, normal-looking guy, and he definitely was not that. Her boss obviously ignored her request for level of attractiveness. Good looks were relative, but anyone would know this man was hot. She shouldn’t be bothered that she’d had the best spontaneous anonymous tryst she’d ever had and it turned out he knew exactly who she was. A sad, sorry woman who needed a date. This was pity sex. She gawked, feeling like the biggest kind of fool, as he extended his hand toward her. Again. She collected her purse, took one last gaze at the “fun time turned big problem,” and ran into the hallway. It was practically empty, like it had been before Sir Hot-a-Lot—Camden—had graced the hall. She’d thought the worst thing that could happen would be getting stood up, but it turned out she had been wrong.


There are so many other ways to get ideas but listening to one sided phone conversations is my favorite.

So how about you…when it comes to brainstorming (for a story or anything else) how do you find ideas?

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2 thoughts on ““F” is for…Finding Ideas

  1. Nice excerpt. There are so many ways for that to go.

    As for finding ideas, I get some in dreams (I know that sounds cuckoo), when I read or hear about situations I say, “what if”, and sometimes I write about what I do or don’t want to happen?

    Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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