“H” is for….Hot Hair

Hot hair. It’s one of the first things I notice about someone right after the smile (lips). It’s not because I’m judgmental, but it’s because a person can say so much without saying a word. I think I like wild hair with a little bit of control…with at least the illusion that the person tried to control it but it just had to be free.

Twin a

This guy is saying “I used a bit of product, but basically I woke up like this.”


She’s saying, “My hair is as curly and wild as my spirit.”


“I am a flawless beauty, with the hair of a goddess.”


“I am way to hot to be bothered by bedhead.”

That’s how those pictures spoke to me…what did you think? Could you hear them too?

What draws your attention at first glance?

Sexy Picture of the Day


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4 thoughts on ““H” is for….Hot Hair

  1. Hi, Leela Lou! I adore that top photo. Rachel and I used him for our character, Simon. Yum.

    For me, it’s hands. Slender, supple, strong hands send my heart racing every time. 🙂


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