“I” is for…Interesting or Indecisive

“I” is for interesting or Indecisive. There are so many things I find interesting and here on the internet and most of the time that’s a good thing, but sometimes…like now…not so much.

I am enjoying this daily challenge and it’s nice having the letter as a guide but then there are so many ways it could go. It could be cute, sexy, funny, intellectual, hot, beautiful or just a random assortment of I don’t really have anything to say.

It’s Thirsty Thursday as I write this and it will be Freaky Friday as you read it, so I’ve submitted my picture of an interesting way obtain a bit of libation…Lick, shoot and suck.

So….Happy Friday. This should win for the most random post, because I’m feeling indecisive. Question of the day?

What kind of mood are you in on this Fabulous Friday?

Picture of the Day


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