“J” is for…Jovial

Jovial…characters, friends, relatives. Most of us have that one person who is happy and jolly practically all the time and most of the time it’s me. As a writer these characters are fun to write and I try to have at least one person who likes to liven up the party.

In real life people aren’t as easy to get a handle on as in books but that is what makes writing so good. I can create people out of think air and make them how I think they should be. I did have a folder of characters I’d either written them out of my story or I was trying to rehabilitate them for their own story.

So what about you? Are you the jovial person in your group or are you the person who has the nerves the jovial one is marching over?

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3 thoughts on ““J” is for…Jovial

  1. I like that word. It’s just as enjoyable to read characters with that temperament as it is to interact with people in the real world. Oh, and I’m number 1295 on the list today, though you were kind enough already to stop by. ~grin~ Best wishes!


  2. So a little birdy told me that I used think air in the above post, instead of the thin air that it was supposed to be, but we both agree that authors use think air, so I’ll not change it. LOL. When I read over the posts I swear it reads correctly. Thank God for editors or my stories would look a hot mess. 🙂


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