“K” is for…Kissing

It’s time….it’s time for my very favorite word that starts with K. I could have used kinky, kind, killing of your darlings or Kismet (that one I talked about on the blog Nice Girls Writing Naughty…here), but I chose kissing for my own personal blog.

There are so many ways to describe a kiss – wet, hot, fast, earth shattering, time stopping…I could go on. It’s one of my favorite things to describe and the first kiss is always the best of the best. Here is an excerpt from A Haught Date – it’s Gemmi and Camden’s first kiss.

     Could she really kiss a stranger in front of all these salivating women? She licked her lips as she admired his mouth, excited anticipation running throughout her body. She looked up. The dare in his piercing gray eyes and the grin on his lips helped her glide past her nervousness. She pulled him down and placed a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth, then retreated. She went to kiss him again. This time she wanted to kiss the closed-mouth smile off those firm, supple lips. She tasted his bottom lip, taking it between hers to see if she could elicit a response. He tasted like bourbon and something minty, and she felt an insatiable hunger for him, wanting him more in that moment than she could remember ever wanting anything. As she touched her tongue to the seam of his lips, he opened and sucked her tongue into his mouth. She fisted her hand in his hair, not wanting this hot kiss to end or this captivating man to move.

Whew…first kisses are great and so are subsequent kisses. Do you have a story with your favorite first kiss or a story of  your own to share?

Sexy Picture of the Day

LickedI just like this picture but it relates to kisses, right?

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