“Q” is for…Quest

We’re all on a quest for something. Maybe it’s inner peace, or increased self esteem or maybe you’re trying to find the perfect steak sandwich. Sometimes when I’m writing it feels like I’m traveling along on a journey with the characters. I feel like I know where we are going and what we are up to and other times I feel as lost as they are. It all comes back around and we reach our romantic destination…sometimes I thought we were going by train, but we walked…but we got there.

Somewhere I heard that life isn’t about the destination, but about the journey and with the Indie (independant title) I’m attempting to pen I’m learning that lesson more and more.

So now you…What lesson are you learning?

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2 thoughts on ““Q” is for…Quest

  1. I feel like I’m on a journey to myself. The more I write and journal, the more I know myself and my own mind. I keep thinking I’ll get there, that at some point I’ll be done, but the journey continues. It’s been fascinating. I love writing because it shows me new things about myself and my place in the world. Every time I think I’m done, that I know “it,” something changes. It’s a moving target. πŸ™‚


    • Life as a moving target…sounds like a tag line, and I think I like it πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting Noony. I feel like we are all on a journey but the last stop…is the LAST stop, so we should all keep growing, laughing, loving and sharing on our way.


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