“S” is for…Silence

Silence…it’s such a beautiful sound…nothingness. I rarely get total absence of sound, as I have children and they don’t seem to like the quiet as much as I do…unless they’re reading.

I have always wanted to be, like so many authors I know and have music playing in the background, but my characters are noisy but seem to be drowned out with music very easily. I’ll start humming…then singing lightly and then I’m having a ‘full force get busy one time’ concert with the hair brush and the high notes, but not a word written.

Maybe I should listen to music without words. I listened to the Outlander soundtrack, while I was outlining a new idea the other day, and with the exception of the theme song that has words, I was able to listen and enjoy while I did something else. I like limited noise to read as well. It’s not that I can’t read with noise but if someone is asking me something, for some reason, it’s easy not to hear them.

So what about you do you like a soundtrack while you write or live your life or would you rather hear the beauty of nothing?


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2 thoughts on ““S” is for…Silence

  1. I go in waves. Sometimes, like now, I like music a lot and listen to my Pandora stations. Other times, I prefer to sit quietly and let the birds carry the tune. But I agree with you, the quality of the sounds around us can affect our moods and inspire us. 🙂


    • Very true about mood. How do you like Pandora? I’ve been listening to Spotify and I’ve wondered what the difference is, between the two. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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