“W” is for…Welp, I’m 44

YAY…It’s my birthday and I’m so proud to be 44. Growing up I would hear women complain that they were this age and that age and how they missed their youth… blah, blah, blah, but you know what I think? Either you’re getting older or….YOU’RE NOT. Which would you choose?

I, for one, don’t miss the ignorance of my youth. I feel like my older self is more confident. I’ve learned from the many mistakes that I made then and I learn faster from the ones I make now. I know that perfection is a myth and I choose to accept what’s in the now…even while working for better.

My most important thing I’ve learned is that I have to be as nice to myself as I am to others…that includes the things I say and how I treat myself (It’s harder than you think). When I wish people a happy birthday I usually say that I hope that this is their best year yet, so…. Leela Lou Dahlin, Happy Birthday, I love you and may this year be your best year yet.


Sexy Picture of the Day


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2 thoughts on ““W” is for…Welp, I’m 44

    • I thought to put the AC for content just because my books aren’t for children and I didn’t want to offend anyone with my pictures, but I think it’s pretty tame. Thanks for stopping to comment 🙂


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