My Sexy Saturday – Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to My Sexy Saturday…here are 7 paragraphs from my current release A Wish Granted.

A Wish Granted Gold

Damn. Logan knows just how to get to me. He has the map to all of my soft spots, but when he closes his eyes…I know just how much he gets me. This has to be his way of giving me some privacy to pull myself together, because I get a bit of space and something more that I don’t expect. I don’t know if I’ve ever had the opportunity to look at his face at my leisure for as long as I wanted, without him looking back at me. His skin is clear and I am so close I can see the pores where stubble would be in a few hours, if I’m around that long. Strong jaw, full kissable lips, and lashes so long they should look ridiculous on a man, but on him they just up his sexy factor.

His smooth face indicates he must have stopped home to freshen up before he came over here. I touch his cheek with my palm and I am rewarded by him moving his face toward my hand, as if to caress me in return.

I run my fingers through his soft hair and tug when I get to the back of his head at the scalp, so I can tilt up his mouth for the kiss he asked for.

His exposed neck draws my attention, so I start my kiss right there. Slowly, I taste the sensitive skin directly below his ear and hear his breath hitch in his throat. I kiss my way down to the pulse at the base of his neck then to travel up to his mouth, pausing to taste the warm skin that feels so different from mine and tastes like an elusive spice that gets better with every swipe of my tongue.

I want to kiss him in the patient I’ve-got-all-day way he kisses me, but I need more practice. I am so greedy when it comes to him. When I finally place a soft kiss on his full, firm lips, I find that, somehow, as I try to arouse him and make him full of anticipation, I’ve put myself in the same predicament I wanted for him.

The soft kiss I give him is a question. Will you open for me? Can I have more? Is this what you wanted? The answer is clearly yes, because he opens his mouth slightly and I feel the moan spring out from deep within me. I savor the feel of his mouth under my lips and give him all that I am. He returns the kiss as only Logan can, with honesty and passion. The kiss grows wet and heated as I start to tug his shirt out of his pants, but he stops me and covers my hands with his. He then takes turns looking at my mouth then my eyes and back again. Both of our breathing is heavy and labored. My vision narrows in on his lips that are now shiny and smiling.

“Thank you, Allyn, that was more than I ever expected.” He gives me one small kiss on the cheek and moves me from his lap that is sporting a very sizeable erection that could have provided a fun bit of play time for both of us. “Let’s eat.” He chuckles, probably because of my face. I can feel the frown furrowing my brow, and I am not happy that he’s stopped our fun, but I also realize I’m starving so I follow him to the kitchen.


A Wish Granted Blurb

 Allyn Hauser likes sex, and she loves to play…role play. For her special guy, she’ll be the college professor to his frat boy, the damsel in distress to his greedy mechanic or the demanding client to his red hot masseuse. This sexy role play allows her to be close to the man she wants and having the hottest sex she’s ever had, while attempting to keep her heart at a distance. The man in question is the brother of her best friend, the most sought after bachelor, and all around Adonis…Logan Patterson.

With her best friend getting married everything is about to change and she’s trying to be okay with that, but the week of the wedding Allyn’s world starts to fall apart. Allyn must decide if is she going to keep her true feelings concealed and live with the lies or will she stop hiding behind the games, risk it all, and accept what Logan’s offering as A Wish Granted.

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I hope you enjoyed your stop on the Blog Hop…keep going for more Sexy Saturday

My Sexy Saturday


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