Week Two of my Sneak Peek Sunday

It’s Sunday again and I had so much fun participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday Mini Hop last week…I thought I’d do it again. This is where we post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished. Today I’m offering a sample of a book I’m working on tentatively titled Rumor Has It – A friends to lovers story that I’m really enjoying.

Raina - Party Planner

Raina – Party Planner


Liam – Fire House #9 Captain

Setting – Raina’s living room as she is propositioning Liam to help her with a very delicate problem she thinks she’s having.

If she left it up to him, this would just be a public service announcement. She wanted action. She needed answers, and she knew he was the guy to give her both.

What she couldn’t believe was the hot southern accent that came out of his mouth when he was telling her how explosive she was when she came. There was so much she didn’t know about him. He must have tucked that accent deep down. The husky voice she heard regularly was enough to do her in but add in a drawl, and she was ready for round two.

He had to notice her slight rocking movements when he was talking to her, but she could feel how much he was noticing now. At first it had been involuntary but when she noticed what she was doing she continued trying to get his attention. Like she’d been trying for a good few years but before this nothing seemed to work.

She couldn’t believe they’d gotten this far – his hands in her panties and his hot mouth on her breast. It was almost enough to make her come again. She wanted to know if she could come with another person during sex. This was almost like masturbation with exceptional masturbatory aids.

His attention was on her now. She didn’t know how long he would let himself be available like this. Every minute had to count. He was doing that thing he always did with his mouth, when he wasn’t sure what he was going to do next. The slow slide of his thumb along his bottom lip. That was always fun to watch…Mr. Decisive trying to work out a decision.

Deciding to give what he asked a try, she got off of his lap. Covered only by her white panties she did her best not to be self-conscious as she walked to the hallway. Hesitating for a quick second she took a deep breath and turned around to find Liam watching her. “Liam, come talk to me.”

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