Good News Tuesday

So I had plans to submit my novella A Haught Date to Carina Press for their holiday call for submissions, but Loose ID had a 3 sentence pitch contest on FaceBook. I was selected to submit my partial MS and then they asked for the full. This was my first full request *happy dance* I’m pretty new to this whole thing. I have 3 books finished A Wish Granted, A Haught Date and Rumor Has It. These books are all independent although A Haught Date and Rumor Has It  are stories in different series.

Anyhoo… there is a possibility they want me to go through revisions and I am super happy about that. I’m not sure about me and novellas my  finished total was 34,998 and the max allowed by Carina Press for this call was 35000. Maybe I just picked the wrong story for a novella it was too much story for that I think. I am so super excited about the possibility being published by Loose ID since I read their books al the time.

So this is my second book I’ve submitted and the editor who responded to my email was so helpful about what she did like and what didn’t work with my story. I truly appreciated that part of it. I have gotten the thank you but no letters for my first book and they can be so frustrating. There is no telling why your book wasn’t liked it just didn’t fit in with what they were doing now. That’s not saying anything about how I could do better next time. I do understand that there are people who want to argue and fight and question why their book wasn’t chosen but there are some of us who respect the decision that was made but would like to know what they didn’t like so they can fix it the next time.

So I will report what happens next with the revisions. I’m not totally sure how that works but I’m ready for whatever 🙂 Happy writing.


There is no reason for this picture. I just like it Happy Tuesday.



How does it feel?

With almost a whole week under our belts in this new 2013 can you say you feel any different?  Still working on your diet, keeping up with your writing challenges, doing your exercises, etc.

I’m doing well. I’ve entered my second (week 16) of the Sinful Sunday Challenge and I’ve kept up with my writing. I also got a great rejection letter….I guess I should call it a growth letter. Why great? Well it gave me some information that was needed. I have a book called A Wish Granted that I wrote when I didn’t know much about writing. The first 15 pages won an honorable mention for me a few years ago with Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight contest. I entered it in the Contemporary/ Category romance section. Not knowing the rule of category…like it shouldn’t be first person (mine is). I’ve had several people read this novel and love it but I should have known from the contest it would need work.

The highest score in the contest was 118. My three scores were 115, 112 and 58. You read the last one right Fifty Eight. I was happy that I’d found two people who really enjoyed what I wrote but was interested more in what the third judge thought was wrong. She gave me 3’s (equivalent to a C) in almost everything a few 4’s (equivalent to a B) and two 5’s (yay for A’s). The 5’s were for POV (which come on it was first person how could you screw that up) and my sex scenes that made me happy (of course).  She may or may not have questioned my grasp of the English language and comma crimes (I did graduate from The University of Pittsburgh).  I do admit there is a big difference between research papers and romance novels.

The judge #227 told me what she thought was wrong in every category on the sheet. I still have that because #1 the fact that she took the time to share what she thought was important and #2 as a writer I’m always interested in how I can improve.

Ok…so getting back to my rejection…I mean growth letter. The editor gave me her thoughts about how I could make the book better and I really appreciated it. I’ve had two other Growth letters for this same story and even though neither of them gave me an explanation (We’re going to pass but we hope you find a home for your story…blah…blah blah.) While each letter that says they don’t want your writing hurts it’s an easier pill to swallow when they tell you why. I know the reason they don’t is they don’t want to argue or debate with the authors, but for most of us. Especially the newbies it would be helpful if a little information to help them change what’s wrong with their MS.

So because of this I was looking into editing software to help me see some of the big problems like sentences that are too long and using my favorite words too often. I got ProWritingAid and can’t wait to see if it helps. You know I’ll keep you posted.

I don’t know who is even going to read this but I wanted to add a cute picture. How about the one that is helping me plot the Christmas novella I’m working on.


I got an honorable mention on Sinful Sunday


I am so excited I have been wanting to do this contest for a while but then things happened and I didn’t get to it or forgot or I wasn’t moved by the picture but I was determined to do it at least once before the end of the year.

The short story I wrote was erotically naughty so if you’d like to read it it’s here , because I don’t know how to put the explicit material on this blog. I’m looking into it. If anyone wants to tell me how I would appreciate it 😉

So they have a guest judge every week and that judge is the winner from the week before @LovelyBrutal on Twitter was last weeks winner, thus this weeks judge and this is what she had to say about my submission:

Honorable Mention 1 – Leela Lou Dahlin. The bright edge of competition made this entry so unforgettable. The characters struggle with delicious tension within themselves and between each other, and the sparse dialogue allows us to see into their relationship, and to feel their need becoming magnified in each other’s presence. The pacing keeps this piece charismatic, engaging, and enjoyable.

This is the perfect ending to 2012…leaving me all kinds of inspired for 2013. Be safe everyone and Happy New Year.


Happy Tuesday

So I have this book I titled A Wish Granted.  I would love for it to be the first book I have published. During Savvy Author’s Summer Symposium I had two requests from Carina Press and Entangled Publishing. Unfortunately the book didn’t work for either of them.  So I am off to see if I can get someone else to look at it.

I heard about Escape Publishing, probably because they’re new and figured what the heck. It’s done and not under review with anyone so why not.  Here is the pitch that was noticed by Carina Press and Entangled Publishing.

Allyn enjoys the sexy role play that allows her to be close to the man she wants, while keeping her heart at a distance. The week of her best friend’s wedding everything starts to fall apart, one of the bridesmaids tries to expose a dark secret from Allyn’s past, Logan the man she loves, wants to change the rules and bring their relationship out of the closet but she’s afraid that the bride-to-be, Logan’s sister, will not condone the relationship. Allyn must decide is she going to keep her true feelings concealed and live with lies or will she stop hiding behind the games, risk it all and accept what Logan’s offering as a wish granted.

I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out. Here is a picture of what I think Logan looks like. Just to point out I get most of these pictures on