“B” is for….Bare

Hello all you Sexy, Happy People,

Today I want to take on one of my favorite things to describe while writing…being bare. It could be that the person is physically naked or that their emotions are raw and on display. Either one is exciting to explore and try to communicate what is making the person feel bare or describe how bare they are. I like that 🙂

When I think of my characters I think of Donkey from Shrek, because I know my characters are like parfaits have layers and I want them to be enjoyed the deeper you get into meeting them. Here is an excerpt from A Haught Date when we get to see the sexy fun loving Camden has more to him than what meets the eye.

“So are you still surprised by how much you want me?” she asked, shocking herself with the boldness of the question. The warm grin from Camden felt like a reward as he walked over and gently moved her hair from her face with one thick finger.

“I’m getting used to it.” He was staring at her mouth. She wanted to pull him down for a kiss, but before she had a chance, he backed up. “Let me get a few things for you to put on after your shower. I’ll be right back.”

She set her things down in the large, masculine room and viewed the photos placed here and there. She recognized a few people in the pictures, especially Camden—although, in the image that drew her attention, he wasn’t smiling at all.

She was still studying the photographs when he entered the room. “Were you a sad child?” she asked when he moved closer to her.

Glancing at what she held in her hands, he replied, “I was that day.”

“When was this?”

“My seventh birthday,” he said absently.

“Seven is a good age, but it looks like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders.” She peered over at him as she took in gloomy little Camden, almost able to feel the despair emanating from him.

“It wasn’t my best day,” he said. She glanced over and saw the mirrored pain on his face now. She lifted her hand and laid it on his cheek. He turned his head into it and kissed her palm. “Come on. Let’s get you dirty so we can clean you up.”


Question of the day…has nothing to do with being bare (I said yesterday this was random).What is your favorite type of parfait? ( I guess that’s kind of related). I like fresh strawberries and whipped cream with little layers of chocolate chips.

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Rumor Has It…I’ve got a new book coming out 10/29

LLD_RumorHasIt_coverinI’m so excited. It’s not the end of 2014 and I have not one but two books out this year. It’s amazing and a dream come true. For every review and person who reads and tells me they’ve enjoyed my excitement grows. Thank you and I’ll keep you posted on the Valentine Themed book I’m writing about a secret millionaire who has to get married by his thirtieth birthday which is on what day???? That’s right…Valentine’s Day 🙂

Week Two of my Sneak Peek Sunday

It’s Sunday again and I had so much fun participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday Mini Hop last week…I thought I’d do it again. This is where we post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished. Today I’m offering a sample of a book I’m working on tentatively titled Rumor Has It – A friends to lovers story that I’m really enjoying.

Raina - Party Planner

Raina – Party Planner


Liam – Fire House #9 Captain

Setting – Raina’s living room as she is propositioning Liam to help her with a very delicate problem she thinks she’s having.

If she left it up to him, this would just be a public service announcement. She wanted action. She needed answers, and she knew he was the guy to give her both.

What she couldn’t believe was the hot southern accent that came out of his mouth when he was telling her how explosive she was when she came. There was so much she didn’t know about him. He must have tucked that accent deep down. The husky voice she heard regularly was enough to do her in but add in a drawl, and she was ready for round two.

He had to notice her slight rocking movements when he was talking to her, but she could feel how much he was noticing now. At first it had been involuntary but when she noticed what she was doing she continued trying to get his attention. Like she’d been trying for a good few years but before this nothing seemed to work.

She couldn’t believe they’d gotten this far – his hands in her panties and his hot mouth on her breast. It was almost enough to make her come again. She wanted to know if she could come with another person during sex. This was almost like masturbation with exceptional masturbatory aids.

His attention was on her now. She didn’t know how long he would let himself be available like this. Every minute had to count. He was doing that thing he always did with his mouth, when he wasn’t sure what he was going to do next. The slow slide of his thumb along his bottom lip. That was always fun to watch…Mr. Decisive trying to work out a decision.

Deciding to give what he asked a try, she got off of his lap. Covered only by her white panties she did her best not to be self-conscious as she walked to the hallway. Hesitating for a quick second she took a deep breath and turned around to find Liam watching her. “Liam, come talk to me.”

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It’s here….it’s here…I’m finally Published

This day has been a long time coming….well…I guess in the scheme of things it hasn’t been that long. It was about 2 years ago that I got serious and announced to my mother, sister and brother-in-law that I was writing a book and I was going to attempt being published. I’ve learned a lot in these couple of years but it’s all been worth it.

I now have a lot of friends that are authors and they are some of the most helpful people I’ve ever encountered. Although we’ve never met each other I’ve never met anyone not ready to help you with a piece of advice or a helpful hint. Thank you to all of you wonderfully creative people.

Aaaannnnndddd here is A Haught Date a story that started in my head as I waited in a doctor’s office and heard the receptionist call out, “Mr. Haught…we’re ready for you.” Just like that my mind took off. What would it be like to have a name like Haught? What if you were a very attractive man with that name? It doesn’t take much to get my mind on a roll but by the time my name was called I had a kernel of a story, three Haught brothers and a list of titles. (After talking to my mother about this very recently I may have to find some cousins for these guys she came up with some great titles)

LLD_A Haught Date_coverlg


You can check out Camden Haught’s story he’s the youngest of the three and the first story that grew from that doctor’s office visit. Inspiration can come from so many places. I, for one, am glad about that. Click on the book cover or click here to order.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Happy Belated Valentines Day

I am finally finished with my Holiday novella I want to send to Carina Press. The story is called A Haught Holiday Date – Book one of the  Haught Brothers series. They are from Left to Right Alec Haught (Scary Haught) , Beau Haught (Sexy Haught) and my holiday novella was written about Camden Haught (Sweet Haught).

Lucien 162622236514716699_9oEnPnGN_b 201958364511283989_myZxWU6x_b

I have no idea why I must have a picture of the hero but not the heroine, but it is what it is. I have completed this story and it is now out with my critique partners. Why I’ve got butterflies fluttering around since before I sent it out I don’t know. I do know I’m going to keep writing.  The second story in this series is Haught Pursuit which is the story of Alex and Beau’s best friend True Goode.

I have been hard at work so I could get this submitted by the dead line. So I did wish the people I see normally a wonderful day full of kisses and candy…I neglected to share that wish with you. Sooooo….have a day full of kisses and candy. It doesn’t have to be 02/14 it can be any day. So how about today 02/17 or tomorrow 02/18? Pick a day any day…on me 🙂

The candy is for the late holiday and plus I wanted put something out there for my completion of the Sweet Haught – Camden. Happy writing or Happy reading.


Attack of the SNI – Send Help!

Wow! It’s now the beginning of February and I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have put up a post, but I’ve had a problem. I’ve been attacked by SNI’s. Those are Shiny New Ideas and they are not helping my focus.

I’m editing my Christmas Novella called A Haught Date. This story is one of three about brothers (Alex, Beau and Camden) who run a sports bar called The Haught Spot. This is Camden’s story.

I’m trying to find a way to change the beginning of a WIP that is pretty much done but have to edit after I figure out how to switch it.

WIP – Writing a story about a millionaire who has to get married by his 30th birthday. Then when I was working on the Sinful Sunday flash fiction a transgendered female story took root.

I think I will do my editing but jot down my fabulous idea so when I get to it I don’t forget what was so great about it.  Hey…thanks for the help I love talking to you 🙂


How does it feel?

With almost a whole week under our belts in this new 2013 can you say you feel any different?  Still working on your diet, keeping up with your writing challenges, doing your exercises, etc.

I’m doing well. I’ve entered my second (week 16) of the Sinful Sunday Challenge and I’ve kept up with my writing. I also got a great rejection letter….I guess I should call it a growth letter. Why great? Well it gave me some information that was needed. I have a book called A Wish Granted that I wrote when I didn’t know much about writing. The first 15 pages won an honorable mention for me a few years ago with Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight contest. I entered it in the Contemporary/ Category romance section. Not knowing the rule of category…like it shouldn’t be first person (mine is). I’ve had several people read this novel and love it but I should have known from the contest it would need work.

The highest score in the contest was 118. My three scores were 115, 112 and 58. You read the last one right Fifty Eight. I was happy that I’d found two people who really enjoyed what I wrote but was interested more in what the third judge thought was wrong. She gave me 3’s (equivalent to a C) in almost everything a few 4’s (equivalent to a B) and two 5’s (yay for A’s). The 5’s were for POV (which come on it was first person how could you screw that up) and my sex scenes that made me happy (of course).  She may or may not have questioned my grasp of the English language and comma crimes (I did graduate from The University of Pittsburgh).  I do admit there is a big difference between research papers and romance novels.

The judge #227 told me what she thought was wrong in every category on the sheet. I still have that because #1 the fact that she took the time to share what she thought was important and #2 as a writer I’m always interested in how I can improve.

Ok…so getting back to my rejection…I mean growth letter. The editor gave me her thoughts about how I could make the book better and I really appreciated it. I’ve had two other Growth letters for this same story and even though neither of them gave me an explanation (We’re going to pass but we hope you find a home for your story…blah…blah blah.) While each letter that says they don’t want your writing hurts it’s an easier pill to swallow when they tell you why. I know the reason they don’t is they don’t want to argue or debate with the authors, but for most of us. Especially the newbies it would be helpful if a little information to help them change what’s wrong with their MS.

So because of this I was looking into editing software to help me see some of the big problems like sentences that are too long and using my favorite words too often. I got ProWritingAid and can’t wait to see if it helps. You know I’ll keep you posted.

I don’t know who is even going to read this but I wanted to add a cute picture. How about the one that is helping me plot the Christmas novella I’m working on.