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“X” is for…X-rated

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone,

We are in the final days of April which also means these are the final days of the A to Z Challenge. *Insert sad face here* So onward and upward, the letter that I was given was X and the words (there aren’t a lot to choose from that work with that fit my needs) that came to mind was X-hausted, X-hilerated and X-pectations, but that would be cheating now wouldn’t it?

X-Rated. Just looking at it makes you think of the seedy movie theater with it’s sticky floors. I’ve never been in there but I’ve got a great imagination…*looks around to see if anyone bought that* I’ve always wondered what was the difference between X-rated and XXX-rated movies, so since I had to make it look like I was really prepared for this difficult letter I did a bit of research, mostly from Wikipedia. According to them, the Motion Picture Academy stopped using the X ratings on mainstream films when the label was taken over by the porn industry. Because the rating wasn’t trademarked it was over taken by the adult film industry and main stream businesses didn’t want to advertise movies with such a rating in the theater along with, say Bambi (they didn’t say that it was implied in the reading) so they moved to labeling movies that featured adult content with NC-17 rating and trademarked the rating so it couldn’t be sullied.

William Rotsler prolific pornographer and science fiction writer characterized the differences of X ratings as such

X – Relatively cool (exact wording)

XX – Simulation

XXX – Hard core

It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet…What’s the last thing you researched?

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