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“Z” is for…Zippideedooda

Zippideedooda…zippidee-a…my oh my, what a wonderful day. I did it. I completed this challenge and I’m very proud that I did. It is the 26th day of the A to Z Challenge and I’m still posting. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I’d like to blog… less than daily but  more than monthly. I figure once or twice a week would be great.

I’ve talked to a few of you and had some of the best numbers I’ve ever had. Thanks for that. This isn’t the last of my blogging but it is the last of this challenge…until next year.

So what about you…what have you done lately that you’re proud of?


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“Y” is for…Yummy

Yummy is one of those words that just feels good in my mouth and it could be used for how something tastes, how something looks or even how something feels. So since this is one day away from the last day of the A to Z Challenge let’s make this short and sweet. I, Leela Lou Dahlin, declare that today is National Yummy Day.

What’s Yummy to you?

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“X” is for…X-rated

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone,

We are in the final days of April which also means these are the final days of the A to Z Challenge. *Insert sad face here* So onward and upward, the letter that I was given was X and the words (there aren’t a lot to choose from that work with that fit my needs) that came to mind was X-hausted, X-hilerated and X-pectations, but that would be cheating now wouldn’t it?

X-Rated. Just looking at it makes you think of the seedy movie theater with it’s sticky floors. I’ve never been in there but I’ve got a great imagination…*looks around to see if anyone bought that* I’ve always wondered what was the difference between X-rated and XXX-rated movies, so since I had to make it look like I was really prepared for this difficult letter I did a bit of research, mostly from Wikipedia. According to them, the Motion Picture Academy stopped using the X ratings on mainstream films when the label was taken over by the porn industry. Because the rating wasn’t trademarked it was over taken by the adult film industry and main stream businesses didn’t want to advertise movies with such a rating in the theater along with, say Bambi (they didn’t say that it was implied in the reading) so they moved to labeling movies that featured adult content with NC-17 rating and trademarked the rating so it couldn’t be sullied.

William Rotsler prolific pornographer and science fiction writer characterized the differences of X ratings as such

X – Relatively cool (exact wording)

XX – Simulation

XXX – Hard core

It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet…What’s the last thing you researched?

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Rumor Has It…I’ve got a new book coming out 10/29

LLD_RumorHasIt_coverinI’m so excited. It’s not the end of 2014 and I have not one but two books out this year. It’s amazing and a dream come true. For every review and person who reads and tells me they’ve enjoyed my excitement grows. Thank you and I’ll keep you posted on the Valentine Themed book I’m writing about a secret millionaire who has to get married by his thirtieth birthday which is on what day???? That’s right…Valentine’s Day 🙂

Happy Tuesday

So I have this book I titled A Wish Granted.  I would love for it to be the first book I have published. During Savvy Author’s Summer Symposium I had two requests from Carina Press and Entangled Publishing. Unfortunately the book didn’t work for either of them.  So I am off to see if I can get someone else to look at it.

I heard about Escape Publishing, probably because they’re new and figured what the heck. It’s done and not under review with anyone so why not.  Here is the pitch that was noticed by Carina Press and Entangled Publishing.

Allyn enjoys the sexy role play that allows her to be close to the man she wants, while keeping her heart at a distance. The week of her best friend’s wedding everything starts to fall apart, one of the bridesmaids tries to expose a dark secret from Allyn’s past, Logan the man she loves, wants to change the rules and bring their relationship out of the closet but she’s afraid that the bride-to-be, Logan’s sister, will not condone the relationship. Allyn must decide is she going to keep her true feelings concealed and live with lies or will she stop hiding behind the games, risk it all and accept what Logan’s offering as a wish granted.

I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out. Here is a picture of what I think Logan looks like. Just to point out I get most of these pictures on Pinterest.com