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Naughty Hottie – The Haught Boy’s Barbecue Contest Closed

Well hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. You can put your side dish on the table and take a walk around the party to meet everyone. This barbecue is being put together by the Haught Boys who own and run the sports bar aptly named The Haught Spot. Welcome to their Memorial Day celebration.

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You can start at the bar where Camden and his soon to be bride Gemmi are serving up the specialty drink of the day…The Dirty Shirley

Dirty Shirley

Say hello to Camden while you’re there


Then you can go over to where Beau is standing with his award winning Bourbon Maple wings – Click picture for the recipe


Say hello to Beau while you’re there…he loves to hear how much you are enjoying your food.


Last but not least there is Alec who has been assigned dessert duty and because True has asked him to do it he’s reporting for duty. Click on the picture for the recipe.

Alec dessert

Alec doesn’t say much but he appreciates you coming to the party


That’s all the hot Haught’s there are but help yourself to the side dish table and grab a seat.

Now a question for you…what is your favorite barbecue dish or summer drink to have at a party. You can tell me, show me or just put up a picture of a hot guy. I’m not picky.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please leave a comment for a chance to win a ebook copy of A Haught Date. The next Haught book Haught Pursuit with Beau and his wings will be out soon.

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