Pre-published vs Unpublished author

Today I went to the Three Rivers Romance Writers meeting today and the speaker was Victoria Roberts she was a great speaker and very down to earth. She told her first sale story and was encouraging and inspiring. Those may or may not be the same thing…stay with me.

Anyway, while she was giving her informative talk about craft, the business of romance writing and marketing she said something that really stuck out. She said “When I was a Pre-Published author…” I’m not sure what point she was making but I loved that term so much I wrote it down on my notebook that I always take to the meetings to take notes but I rarely do because when you have the speakers talking to you it’s too engaging to write anything but the hot points down.

Later I friended her on Facebook and she saw my description that said I was an unpublished author and commented on it. I’d forgotten to change it. I changed it and told her I had updated my status and she said what I’d been thinking since I heard that term. She said Pre- Published sounds like it’s just a matter of time before you are published but Unpublished sounds like you’ll never be published.

It’s kind of like the glass half full and half empty. It’s actually the exact same thing the difference is in the mind-set behind it. Well that’s as philosophical as I can get right now, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.


Happy Monday


I finally found Liam

I’ve been editing my WIP I’ve named Rumor Has It. Yes I know another popular author has a book coming out soon with the same title. The title is perfect for this book and if  it’s ever contracted and they want it changed, it won’t be a problem .

It starts off with Raina Gibson asking her best friend of 4 years Liam Prescott to help her with a problem she’s been having. It’s sexual in nature and since she’s talked to several women who know she is friends with him, rumor has it he could be the one to help.

This was my NaNoWriMo story and I loved the characters. I’ve decided it’s going to be a series for the fireman. Liam the Fire Lieutenant and two firemen Brody who also works as a bartender at a club named Paradise and Ethan the tough playboy who’s an’ under cover romantic.

I always try to have a picture of the couple I’m writing about but I couldn’t find one of Liam. After the book was written but before the edits I found the perfect Liam.


Pretty, huh.  Yep. You’re welcome 🙂

New blog…and giveaway!

I’m feeling pretty festive. Christmas is right around the corner, I have a new blog and my current WIP (work in progress) is in edits. Now I want to have a giveaway. Rosy Writer Ink Pens are perfect for your author friends or anyone who likes a marriage between beauty and function.  I make them and I have a good few I keep for gifts. I used to go to craft shows but I haven’t made a lot of time to make them.

Any way onward and upward…I want to have  a giveaway. I’ll be giving a bouquet of 6 Rosy Writer Ink Pens to one commenter. Pens are made with polymer clay and the pens all have black ink. Winners will be notified 12/22/2012. All you have to do is tell me what goal you have for yourself in the new year.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

I’ve already said my dream is to be published. I’d like to have multiple books under contract this coming year. So that’s me…what’s on your plate this year?


This giveaway is only open to people in the continental US although anyone can comment.

Please choose one or two colors:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Eggplant
  4. Lavender
  5. Yellow


Happy Holidays

My First Post

Hello world,

So this is the year I get published. Well maybe not this year. I guess it would be 2013 but hey I’ve got a jump start so that should say something of the seriousness 🙂

This is my first blog post on my first blog.  Maybe I’ll add a picture just to make it worth looking at:


That’s a little better already, huh? Hopefully this blog will document my journey into published author. Feel free to comment, give blog advice… whatever